The Art Work of Marta Vallo
Paintings and Sculptures
About the Artist
Artist Statement

Throughout her life, Marta has worked in watercolors, oils, acrylics, and with different media in the area of sculpting.  It is impossible to separate her life from her work.  Nothing in her life was lost to her art.  Everything Marta ever saw would one day find a place in her work.  Imagining something and facilitating its execution is Marta's challenge.

interest in direct stone carving was sparked with stones a friend had in her backyard.  Then and there she knew she discovered the true roots of the third dimension.  She found the process of removing something to create something in the third dimension, through physical confrontation with rebellious matter, very challenging and stimulating.  Her hand thinks, and follows the thought of the matter.

There is nothing which does not serve her.  For her it is a festival of the imagination.  Marta's work arises outside of anything that exists.  A fragment of a T-shirt with the right colors can move our feelings as much as a bronze sculpture or a painted canvas--perhaps even more because of that thirst for novelty, for surprise, which is in each one of us


A native of Texas, I have studied art and sculpture at Rhode Island Community College, North Harris Community College, The University of Houston, The Art League of Houston and the prestigious Glassell School of Art in Houston, TX.
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